Cancellation Policy

Before placing an order, please read below for eGlobaL’s cancellation policy.


  1. Change of mind – At the same time eGlobaL provides the best price within the market, once your order is purchased, we will process immediately. Therefore, we do not accept cancellation such as changed your mind, not sure about policy (which we already specified on our webpage), etc. Also no change of order is allowed unless the item you require is out of stock.
  2. Shortage of stock – If the item you purchased is shortage or no longer available, you can choose to cancel and receive refund.
  3. Duplicated order – sometimes you may receive duplicated order due to double click on processing the payment or problem with the connection. We would cancel the duplicated order for you as per your request.
  4. Color choices – once you have purchased, if we found out that we do not have the specified you want for your order, we would suggest if you want to switch to other available color choice or have order canceled. We will respect your decision.
  5. Outside Australia/New Zealand – We only accept order within Australia or New Zealand. Orders placed outside these two countries will be cancelled.
  6. Place another new order to replace original order - We may not be able to modify everything on your order including payment details, so if you would like to cancel the original order to place another order with another payment method which include your payment information, we will only cancel your original order after you placed a new order.
  7. Any testing or fraud order would be banned from our website and automatically cancelled.
  8. If we cannot contact you and confirm your identification within 5 working days after you placed the order, your order will be automatically cancelled.


Should you have any problem, please contact us via channel here: http://www.eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au/contact-us.html we will response your inquiry via live chats, tickets & emails. Otherwise will not be answered.

About eGlobaL

eGlobaL is a Hong Kong based online store aims at providing excellent value to Australian customers in consumer electronic goods by sourcing globally.

Why your price is so cheap?

We are proud of our competitive prices. We have a team of merchandisers actively seek for new and hot products around the world, and import to Australia in bulk. We only source 100% genuine and brand new products. No refurbished items to be sold without letting you know.

As we brings you products from all over the world, our products are international models (grey import). Please note that these models are equivalent to those sold in Australian retail stores, and we provide you with an Australian travel adaptor. Every products we sell work perfectly in Australia.

*All display price are in Australian currency

Shipping cost

eGlobaL offers very competitive prices for every product you are interested in. As we source our inventory at the best price, you should not worry about spending extra dollar from us!

Every order comes with multiple shipping options that suit your needs: Express & Priority.

Express is our default shipping option but you can also choose Priority shipping to enjoy your new gears earlier. Delivery time for Priority shipping generally takes 2-3 working days only (from time of dispatch).

Shipping method recommendation:

Shipping Insurance

We always encourage customers to use Insured shipping because you are covered on lost shipment or damage during delivery. Why risk hundreds or even thousands dollars on shipment?

If you choose Insured Shipping and unfortunately, the shipment is lost or damaged during delivery, upon confirmation of courier companies, we will cover 100% of the order subtotal.

Delivery generally takes 2-5 working days only (From time of order dispatch)

In order to speed up the whole process, it would be the best if you can prepare these information / documents:

  • Professional Email Address (ISP / Work Email / Government / Universities)
  • Landline number (For safer and swift shipping service)
  • Copy of Driver License / Passport / University ID Card
  • Utility Bill, Electricity Bill or Water Bill

Our customer service team may approach you for these documents so that we can provide a smooth delivery process.

In cases those documents or information are not available to you, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible, they will try to resolve the issue with you.

Please note that not all items are instock, please refer to the suggested re-stock time frame on product page.

Tax Information

As our products are grey-imported goods, product prices do not include tax and we do not charge any tax or GST (Goods and Service Tax). Therefore we are unable to provide any tax invoice for tax claim.

Payment Information

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Paypal Verified(Recommended)
  • Credit Card Visa/Master
  • Direct Bank Deposit

Note: For order over AU$1000, Paypal or Direct Deposit is preferred to speed up the payment checking process. There are chances we could not accept payment via credit card if the order is over AU$1000.

Paypal (Unverified/Unregistered) Note:If your Paypal account is not verified, please prepare a citizenship identification (ID Card/Billing Address Proof) to speed up the payment checking process. Our Customer Service staff will approach you for these documents shortly after checkout.

Customer note: Further identification documents may be requested for security checking. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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